S’pore Go-Jek driver records video of passenger accusing him of kidnap when he clearly didn’t

video uploaded on Jan. 31, 2019 by a Go-Jek driver has fellow private hire vehicle drivers and even passengers all up in arms as everyone is shaking their heads collectively.

The seven-minute video was recorded by the driver and uploaded by him to show the kind of behaviour displayed by riders that some drivers have to put up with.

The driver’s caption on Facebook said:

After few day of thinking. I guess i better to let it out. Pax accuse me of kidnapping her just bcoz of E.R.P….. i have already make police report & report to gojek. Be care to all phv driver. Blk 251 Bishan St 22 to 1 Coleman St @ 7.10am …..how to avoid ERP? She keep telling that i trying to cheat her. I ask her tell me if she know how to avoid ERP but she cant direct me to where should i go to avoid ERP.

In summary, this was what the video showed:

– Driver was bringing the solo passenger to the police station after she kept saying the driver was out to cheat her money
– She insisted that the route she takes “every morning” does not encounter any ERP gantries
– The driver asked her for her way to the destination but she could not provide it
– She then said the driver knows the way and she doesn’t, which was why he was taking a route she was not familiar with
– The driver said he would not take a single cent from the passenger and the passenger insisted on not paying as well
– The driver said she can make a claim from Go-Jek for a refund
– The driver then said: “You should take bus, cheaper.”
– The driver said he would report the incident to the police and the Land Transport Authority, and asked the woman to do likewise

– The woman then moved away from the video recording device to avoid getting captured on camera
– The woman then got on the phone and accused the driver of being “dangerous”
– It is unclear who was the woman talking to on the phone
– The woman on the phone sounded like it was the kin of the passenger
– The person on the line told the driver she had the passenger’s GPS location noted down
– The driver repeated that he was going to the police station in Toa Payoh
– The woman on the phone then said the driver “have no right to take her hostage”
– Upon reaching a location the driver thought was the police station, the woman started shouting for help and saying she had been kidnapped
– The driver also sought to speak to the police officer who was out of the camera’s view
– The officer turned out to be a Certis Cisco officer, then told the driver he was not at the police station and directed him there
– The woman then tried to exit the vehicle but the door was locked
– She then started to shout, “He lock the door!”
– The driver and the Cisco officer then tried to explain to her the door locks automatically
– The woman then ended up shouting: “Is it because I am Chinese?”

You can watch the video here:

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The woman passenger ended up still having to pay S$2 ERP fee: