Fresh interview with Go-Jek uncle has him react to his video, says he couldn’t sleep after incident

He had actually went to the wrong place, and met with a Cisco officer, instead of a police officer.

You would most likely have heard of the “Is it because I’m Chinese” lady.

An insane amount of memes have sprung from the original seven-minute video.

Nearly everyone in Singapore has had their say about the clip.

Well, nearly everyone.

Abang Kamal speaks up

On Feb. 3, 2019, the Go-Jek driver in the midst of it all gave an interview with Raja Razie (left), and Dzar Ismail (right) for their series, Ok Let’s Go.

The Go-Jek uncle, affectionately known as Abang Kamal, talked to the two hosts.

The interview was done in a reaction style format, with the driver, 49-year-old Kamaruzzaman bin Abdul Latiff, watching the video in question and commenting on key points of the video.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the video.

– Kamal started recording when the lady started mentioning words like “kidnapping” and “being taken hostage”, as he was fearful that if she accused him of those things, and he had no video recording to prove otherwise, and he might be in trouble.

– The passenger had agreed to being taken to the police station, after Kamal suggested it, however, they differed on exactly which station they wanted to go to. She wanted to be taken to Tanglin police station, while Kamal decided on the nearest police station.

– Kamal also suspects, like most netizens, that the woman on the phone with her was the passenger’s mother.

– The other (unseen) man in the video was a Certis Cisco officer.

– This was because Kamal had gone to the wrong place, as he said in Malay, “… when I saw the Aetos sign, I thought to myself: ‘Alamak it’s Aetos (not the police station)’. I went to the wrong place.”

– One of the hosts, Dzar, asked what the security officer’s face was like “because we can’t see the Aetos guy’s face… did he look nervous or did he look like “Alamak, what is going on?”

Kamal said:

“Just that he didn’t know what was going on. When I asked him the direction to the police station, you could hear him say “gostan gostan” but this girl was making a lot of noise. That’s how he got involved.”

– He had previously worked for Uber and Grab, and this was his first-ever incident, with no past incident resembling anything like this.

Here are their reactions to the now infamous phrase “Is it because I’m Chinese?”

While Kamal appeared rather jovial in the video, the incident had definitely taken a toll on him.

He lost some weight because he couldn’t eat, and he also lost sleep because of the incident.

He had some word of advice for his fellow drivers:

“You have to be more patient, more patient. Make some good friends, try to avoid all this nonsense.”

He also thanked his family for supporting him and revealed that his kids had made fun of him over the incident.

You can watch the entire video here.

In case you can’t see it.

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